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3 Inch Core Roll Barcode Labels

Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels 3 Inch Core Rolls
3 inch core barcode label rolls
Thermal transfer labels come in many different configurations for printers. Below are categories for labels on rolls. All of these rolls are on 3 inch cores with different outer diameters for use in bench top and industrial printers and applicators.

Some smaller printers will only handle a 6 inch diameter roll. Most of the printers used for industrial applications take a maximum of 8 inch outer diameter rolls. These are the most common rolls in the industry. Large manufacturing lines with print and apply machines will use the 12 inch outer diameter roll for the most efficient use in high volume applications.

Be sure to pick the correct size for your printer. You can find the maximum roll OD in the printer specification sheet. If you are unsure, please give us a call. We are very experienced with all printer brands and can make sure you are matched up with the correct labels for your printer and application.

Thermal transfer barcode labels require a barcode ribbon to make the image. Make sure you purchase ribbon when buying these labels.