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8.5 Inch x 11 Inch Laser Fold Under Label

Label Rack
Model: FU8511
Laser Fold Under Label

These fold under labels come in sheets for use in laser printers. There are 1000 sheets in a case and this price is for a full case of 1000 sheets. Click on the image to the right to see the actual dimentions of this label. See below to understand how they work.


Step 1 - fold the upper packing slip portion of the Fold Under Label behind the shipping label.

shipping label application step one

Step 2 - Place the Fold Under Label on the box with the packing slip underneath the shipping label.

foldunder label step two

Step 3 - finish by securing the Fold Under Label with minor pressure to the adhesive area.

all in one packing list shipping label step three

Step 4 - Lift and remove the perforated strip.

fold under labels step four

Step 5 - Gently lift along the perforations to remove the packing slip.

packing list shipping label step five

packing list shipping label
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