LS2208-1AZKT100SR barcode label scanner


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LS2208 Corded Barcode Scanner PS2

Model: LS2208-1AZKT100SR
White barcode label scanner with PS/2 cable for light industrial or retail applications.

This LS 2208 barcode label scanner comes with a PS/2 keyboard wedge kit and stand allowing a complete kit. The color is cash register white. The innovative LS 2200 Series of handheld scanners from Motorola delivers performance features at an affordable price to make your buying decision easier than ever. If you are seeking investment protection in a scanner that's small and light enough for maximum productivity, then the LS 2200 Series is the ideal scanner for you.

Corded with a 6 foot RS232 connection, this scanner will read up to 17 inches away. Includes: LS2208-SR20001R Scanner, CBA-K01-S07PAR PS/2 Wedge Cable Assembly, KT-32903-01R Cable Adapter, 20-61019-01R Stand and SW-61077-02 CD ROM

This LS2208 barcode label scanner is always on and requires no batteries or recharging.

White LS2208 barcode label scanner
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