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FoldUnder Laser & Direct Thermal

Laser & Direct Thermal Fold Under Labels
Fold Under Packing List Label

These fold under labels come in laser and direct thermal paper which improve accuracy because shipping labels and packing slips are printed and applied at the same time. This category has both laser and direct thermal fold under packing slip labels that come in stocks for laser printing and fanfolded for direct thermal printers. By using this combination document there are fewer inventory items to stock and packing slip does not get misplaced in the box.

packing list shipping labels

Applications Include:
• All in one shipping document that combines a packing slip and shipping label
• May also include a return merchandise label

• Variety of sizes and configurations available
• “Zip strip” feature can be added for easy access to the packing slip
• Return merchandise label can be included
• Size and shape can be altered to increase or decrease size of packing slip as needed
• Very simple to sophisticated constructions available depending on the application

instrutions how to use fold under label


Step 1 - fold the upper packing slip portion of the Fold Under Label behind the shipping label.

shipping label application step one

Step 2 - Place the Fold Under Label on the box with the packing slip underneath the shipping label.

foldunder label step two

Step 3 - finish by securing the Fold Under Label with minor pressure to the adhesive area.

all in one packing list shipping label step three

Step 4 - Lift and remove the perforated strip.

fold under labels step four

Step 5 - Gently lift along the perforations to remove the packing slip.

packing list shipping label step five

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5.375 Inch x 8.875 Inch Direct Thermal Fold Under Label

5.375 Inch x 8.875 Inch Direct Thermal Fold Under Label

Uncoated Direct Thermal Fold Under Label 


8.5 Inch x 11 Inch Laser Fold Under Label

8.5 Inch x 11 Inch Laser Fold Under Label

Laser Fold Under Label 



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Improve your accruacy today by including the packing slip with the shipping labels all in one.